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Jingdezhen Porcelain

For over 1000 years, the potters of Jingdezhen in southern China, have produced porcelain.  The locaton was ideal-near the necessary clays (kaolin and petuntse) and on a major waterway.  Since the 14th century, manufacturers have shipped blue and white porcelain to world markets.  Its thin, translucent quality and exotic motifs made it highly priced throughout Europe and the colonies.  The Louisbourg Archaeological Collection holds 69,000 fragments of Jingdezhen porcelain. 

Nearly 300 years after the first Chinese porcelain reached Louisbourg, we returned to the City of Jingdezhen to commission potters to handcraft pieces in the traditional way.  Each item reproduces an artifact discovered by Fortress archaeologists.  These heirlooms-to-be are durable, fade resistant and food-safe.  Each piece is individually made which guarantees subtle differences and high quality.  The stamp on the bottom of each piece is your guarantee of the accuracy of the reproduction.

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Rich and poor lived close together in the 18th century, for the elite never doubted their superiority and they felt no need to be isolated from lesser folk.
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Fortress Rum
The FLA, Parks Canada, and Authentic Seacoast have partnered to store rum behind the massive stone walls of the Fortress as it was stored 300 years ago. Come celebrate Fortress Rum with us
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